Important Information


We typically send out pre-camp information one week before that camp’s check in date. We have found that some email providers (Hotmail, MSN) sometimes block our emails from reaching you because it appears to be spam due to the amount of emails we are sending out. Because of this, we post these pre-camp information emails here so you can access them in a timely manner if you did not get our email.

June 21 – 23 JR Elite and CBPA

June 14‐16 JR Elite and CBPA

June 17‐20 Future Stars ID Camp

June 17‐20 Day Camp

There are no more COVID testing or vaccination requirements to attend camp.

All campers will check in during the following windows of time on the first day of camp:

  • Day Camp: 8:00 – 9:00 am
  • College Bound/JR Elite Camps: 4:00 – 6:00 pm
  • All ID Camps (Future Stars and winter and spring camps): 5:00 – 6:00 pm

Each week all campers will be released (check out) immediately following the last session on the last day of camp.

  • Day Camp: 12:00 pm
  • College Bound/JR Elite Camps: approx. 3:00 – 3:30 pm
  • Future Stars ID Camp: 8:00 pm
  • Winter and Spring ID Camps: 11:00 am

All Camps require PAYMENT IN FULL when registering.

We do maintain a waitlist in case of cancellations. To be put on the wait list if the camp is full, simply register for that camp and you will automatically be put on the list. If you are not able to register, then the waitlist is closed (see status on camp main page). Campers on wait lists may be accepted into camps on short notice. Those campers accepted into camp will be contacted via phone and/or email by the camp office staff. There will be a 24-hour window to accept/decline the opening before we contact the next camper on the list.


We request that any person wanting to cancel their camp registration send an email to Cancellations are not accepted by phone.

  • Any cancellation made before the camp’s start date will receive credit for any monies paid, -minus $50, but no refund (unless Vertical Insure insurance was purchased).

  • Any registrant who is a no-show (one who does not cancel before the camp begins) will receive credit for any monies paid, -minus $100, but no refund (unless Vertical Insure insurance was purchased).
  • If you have purchased Vertical Insure insurance and wish to request a refund, you must make the request directly to them using the links below.
  • Credit may be used at any future camp hosted by Carolina Girls’ Soccer Camp.
  • Since Vertical Insure is not available to non-U.S. residents, our cancellation policy will be as follows for those campers: A refund for any monies paid minus a $25 administrative fee will be given for cancellation at any time up to when the camp starts.
  • No credit will be given to any campers who purchased Vertical Insure .
  • No credit or refunds will be given for the cost of the insurance if purchased.
  • Carolina Girls’ Soccer Camp does not pay out any refunds. They come directly from the insurer approximately 12-16 days after submission.

Vertical Insure Cancellation Insurance

North Carolina Girls Soccer Camps has a strict NO REFUND policy and no refunds (partial or full) will be issued under any circumstance.

To protect your registration payment in the event that you are unable to participate due to an injury, illness, transportation difficulty, or other covered reason, Vertical Insure strongly encourages you to consider purchasing Registration Cancellation Insurance. This will provide relief from the “No Refund Policy” by refunding your registration costs should an incident occur. Registration Cancellation Insurance has no deductible and the cost of insurance is a small percentage of the program fee.


If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact Vertical Insure at

Here is the link to their claim process:

Registering For And Cancelling Multiple Camps: Please do not sign up for multiple camps with the intention of cancelling and getting refunded for one or more of them after deciding which week your daughter wants to attend. Switching camps is easy and always possible, even into camps that are full. Cancelled camps will only be given credit for any monies paid, –  minus $50 (per the policy above).

Injuries: Refunds for campers who leave before the last day of camp due to injury or illness will be based on the cost of instructional periods attended, housing and food service (if applicable) and a prorated fee. Campers who are injured and choose to remain for the duration of the camp will not receive a refund.

Weather: There is an inherent risk in conducting any activities outside during the summer months with respect to weather uncertainty. It is the policy of Carolina Girls’ Soccer Camp to place the highest emphasis on the safety of our participants and staff. When there is lightening in the area, all outside activity will be suspended until the threatening weather leaves the area. When the heat outside (and in buildings without climate control) reaches unsafe levels, activities will be suspended until the temperature drops back into a safe range. When these situations arise, alternate programming will be offered. While this programming may not involve physical skill development, it will focus on other important aspects including, but not limited to; strategy, team building, film sessions, discussions about college life relative to the student-athlete, etc. Refunds will not be given in instances in which weather circumstances require alternate programming. Thank you for your understanding of our efforts to put camper safety foremost.

Changing Camps: We understand that a situation may arise which requires a camper to change the camp dates that she was planning to attend. We will make every effort possible to make this switch if the new camp requested is open, or place the camper on the waitlist if not. All monies already paid can be applied to the new camp. If there is no room in the new camp or the camper does not make it off the waitlist, the above Cancellation Policy applies based on the date the switch was requested (that date will be used as the cancellation date).

Please check to make sure all waivers and forms have been signed and submitted on your online camp dashboard before check in. This makes check-in a lot quicker and smoother!  Access your account here:

Please Bring To Camp Plenty Of Soccer Gear To Be Worn During Training And Games.
In Addition We Recommend:

      • shin guards
      • sneakers
      • a plastic water container
      • a small sport bag for training gear
      • a ball (if you are not ordering one)

Athletic trainers will be available at the fields during each session. They will have a station at check in to go over each camper’s medical information/records. Each field area will have trainers assigned to it. Trainers are only trainers, they are not orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, or cardiothoracic specialists. They may treat minor injuries and illnesses, but will refer the camper to a doctor/emergency room should they feel it necessary. In Chapel Hill, The Family Doctor, or the emergency room at UNC Hospitals will be used for emergencies.

Campers are assigned to teams randomly by age so that campers are training with other players of their age and skill level.

You may request to be placed on the same team as your friend by logging into your account and indicating this under ‘SPECIAL REQUEST’. This can be found by clicking on the name of the camp for which you would like to make the request and scrolling down to EXPERIENCE / SPECIAL REQUESTS. There is no cost for this. If your team is coming, please use your team name. We will do our best to honor all requests, but they cannot be guaranteed. And as teams are grouped by age, requests for teammates more than two years apart cannot be honored. Cut-off for requests is ONE WEEK prior to the start of camp.

Map for Chapel Hill, NC


Check-in Day:

4:00 – 6:00 pm  check-in
6:00 – 8:00 pm  evening session at check in location

Day 2:

9:00 – 10:30 am  morning session
1:30 – 3:00 pm   afternoon session
6:00 – 7:30 pm    evening session

Check-out day:

9:00 – 10:30 am   morning session
1:30 – 3:00 pm   afternoon session
3:00 – 3:30 pm   closing ceremonies

Camp Facilities Used:    Finley South Fields (170 Old Mason Farm Road – off campus)
Finley North Fields (147 Old Mason Farm Road – off campus)
Hooker Fields (203 South Road – on campus)
Eddie Smith Indoor Facility (203 South Road – on campus)
Koman Indoor Facility/Navy Field (across from 235 Ridge Road – on campus)

** we work with our facilities staff and campus parking services to determine where each session will be held and the best places for vehicles to drop off and pick up campers at these locations. We will forward this information to you the week before the camp starts.**

In the case of inclement weather we may change the location of our session to the Eddie Smith Indoor Facility on Campus. Drop off can take place along South Road (between the cemetery and Hooker intramural turf fields). The closest GPS address is 310 or 322 South Road. We would announce this change at the end of the session prior – so that everyone has time to make the adjustment (eg. announce it at the end of the morning session that we will be indoors in the afternoon).  In the case that we are suddenly caught outside with a lightning warning at Finley Fields, the campers will be moved next door to the Finley Golf Course Club house (500 Finley Golf Course Rd) for safety until the storm passes or the session ends and parents can pick them up.

You probably have multiple accounts and are looking at one account while you registered for a camp under a different account (different email / password). This happens when users create new accounts each year instead of logging into their previous account or when two different parents create accounts for the same camper. Try using an old email / username to access your other account and registration. If you are still having trouble, email us at and we can locate your active account and delete your unused/old one.

BREAKS BETWEEN SESSIONS at Junior Elite and College Bound Camps

We set the camp up with the same rhythm as our overnight camps. The players will be training hard and it will be hot and they cannot go for much more than an hour and a half of training at a time. Parents are encouraged to pick campers up between sessions and let them eat, relax, and get refreshed for the next session.

If campers need to remain at the fields, the camp will provide structured supervision for $50 per camp. This fee is the same for one break or all three breaks; it will not be prorated. This option can be selected online when registering or at any time before the camp starts.

Campers should BRING A MEAL and can hang out with the staff at the fields. We have pavilions at the fields so they can get out of the sun. There are restrooms. They will have access to water and Gatorade. There may or may not be air-conditioned facilities available depending on which fields your daughter is training.

Campers will also be free to do the same things they’ve done in the dorms during overnight camps: sit and talk, play games, stare at their phones, snack, and nap. It’s up to the parent and campers what they do between sessions, but we want them fresh and ready to go for the next session so they can get the most out of the training we will provide!

We are happy to announce a new addition to our communication tools that will help us convey information to you quicker and more directly.

      • We have developed a camp app appropriately called CAROLINA GIRLS SOCCER CAMP. It is available in the Apple and Google app stores.
      • Download it to your phone and you will be able to receive news updates, see photos from camp, see the camp schedule, and most importantly, receive up to the minute communication updates about the locations and times of sessions at camp.
      • We encourage everyone to use the app while at camp as this will be the main way we will communicate changes in sessions due to inclement weather or other circumstances while the camp is going on.
      • The registration code for the app is UNC1.
      • When you open the app, make sure you adjust your preferences under MORE.

Communication Settings adjust how you receive information: Push, Text, or Email.

My Camp Settings allows you to just get information for the specific camp you are attending.

All housing will be arranged by camper’s parent/guardian via local hotels at an arranged discounted rate. (click HOTEL link) Campers will not be supervised by the camp in the hotels. It is expected that parents will provide that supervision. The camp will not be providing transportation between the hotels and fields where sessions are held.

All Campers (parents) are required to sign a transportation waiver as part of the camp registration process. This is primarily for overnight camps that transport campers to and from fields off campus. Since we are a commuter day camp, the only reason we would need to transport a camper is in an emergency if they need to visit a doctor or hospital and a parent or guardian is not available. This waiver allows our camp staff to do so.

Interest in camping? Try these two campgrounds which are roughly 15-20 minutes away:


There will be no meal service provided at residential camps this year. Campers are responsible for all meals and snacks.

carolina girls soccer camp ballNorth Carolina Girls’ Soccer Camp has designed a ball for our campers and this ball looks great! Supplies are limited. Please apply online to reserve this ball available only to NCGSC participants for the price of $40.