Team Camp Letters

We know our methods work at the Team Camp, but hear it for yourself from other coaches:

Hi Anson,

The new system has benefited us most in keeping more meaningful possession. We were a great team at keeping the ball around the back, but now teams spend entire games defending us in their own end…good teams as well. Nobody can play comfortably under our pressure so the girls have basically become mad with power, enjoying torturing our opponents for 90min.

We are scoring more and being scored on less…the ball is never in our end anymore and opponents always think they can get behind us, they fall for it every time! Naturally we are scoring more as well, and many more goals from about 60min on.

I have players being added to our Provincial program constantly, 7 girls with the National Training Center for our region and not one player I have to hide during games; player development has been incredible. Terrifying as hell!!! But the girls love it, and scoff at any suggestion we might try something else. Every player has said it’s been the most fun they’ve ever had playing, and that’s the greatest endorsement of all.

Thanks again!
Matt Brannon
Dartmouth United Soccer

“The girls and parents had a blast at camp. In addition to the soccer, I keep hearing rave reviews on the food, the staff and the general service, not just at the camp but the surrounding community. I couldn’t believe the difference in some of the girls when they came back, not just improved skill but improved attitude or focus. This may sound corny but it is like they got permission to be smart, strong and driven even though they are female. Plus last night we beat the team in our league that hasn’t lost a game all season by any team.”
Bobbi-Jo Groeneveld, Team Manager of SWU ’97 ( Edmonton, Canada)

“Very impressed that the UNC head coach took such an active part in the camp.”
Anonymous Coach

“Thank you for hosting a phenomenal team camp and allowing the girls to have a wonderful time. They will remember this experience for the rest of their lives.”
– Erin Mills Mighty Eagles Team ( Mississauga, Ontario, Canada)

“Thank you so much for a great camp!!! Our girls had a great experience and several have talked about coming back next year”
– Trish Fulk, Assistant Coach Pekin Pride Soccer Club ( Illinois)

“The positive effects of the North Carolina experience have been far reaching. My club team gained the confidence to play its game no matter what the circumstances and two girls made an ODP team this fall. For my high school team, we had 8 goals contributed by my defense alone, won the northern Colorado region, went into the state tournament and finished 12-2-1. The most exciting part of watching these girls mature is hearing them talk about Cindy Parlow, Tiffany Roberts, and the gang like they were big sisters.”
– Mindy Sclaro, Lafayette, CO

“Just a short note to thank you once again for the wonderful time that we had at the North Carolina Girls’ Soccer Camp Team Camp earlier this month. The girls came back excited as ever and carried their enthusiasm from the camp into our own BRYC Electra minicamp last week. The demonstrations, training sessions, match competition, coaching sessions, and evening camp meetings are all of exceptional value. On behalf of our players and parents, thanks again for a terrific experience.”
– Ashu Saxena, Vienna, VA

“It took me a couple of days before I began to see patterns and connections between things you said in your lectures and things I observed in the camp. Your thoughts and ideas about coaching are obviously the products of years of study, introspection, and reflection, and the degree to which they pervade the Carolina soccer environment could have been achieved only by relentless trial and error and a tireless pursuit of the best ways to ‘effect’ performance. In short, you have obviously been practicing what you preach in that you have set a very high standard for yourself as a coach and worked hard to achieve it and maintain it.
– Bob Doherty, Charlotte, NC

“I would also like to thank you for the time spent and information you have provided to me this week. . . To be honest, I learned more from you this past week than I did last summer at my “C” course. I also thought it was great the way you took the time to meet with the coaches and have us out for dinner. . . I will be back next summer with my other team and will highly recommend the camp to other teams.”
– Tracy Birrell, Alexandria , VA