Important Information


1) All campers will check in between 12:00 and 2:00 on opening day of their respective weeks of camp.

2) Each week all campers will be checked out immediately following the matches on the closing day of camp (approximately 11:00 am). The shuttle service will be available to transport campers to the airport at their appropriate departure times after check out.

3) For Day Camp both full day and half day will end at 12 noon on the last day of camp.

We request that any person wanting to cancel their camp registration write us at PO Box 4933, Chapel Hill, NC 27515 or send an email to We must receive the written notification 30 days prior to the start of the girl’s session in order to refund any payments already made less the $150 non-refundable fee. Another option would be to request a credit for any amount already paid to be applied to a future camp. Any cancellation made less than 30 days prior to the start of the girl’s session, for any reason, will receive a credit for the amount already paid to be applied to a future camp.

1) A check for any outstanding balances, should they exist.

2) Insurance information on this Medical/Insurance Form which was sent to you with the initial email.
VERY IMPORTANT: This is the first station during on-campus registration and NO camper will be allowed to participate in activities until this information is provided.

3) A $75.00 CHECK for your ROOM KEY DEPOSIT . This will be refunded at the end of the week of camp upon returning your room key. Please make this check separate from any other payments that you may be making.

4) Amount of money for establishing an optional Camp Bank Account; cash or checks accepted.
(we recommend $50.00, see Bank).

The Medical/Insurance Form asks for emergency and insurance information for the camper and a brief medical summary of the camper plus a doctor’s signature.

All campers must have a Medical/Insurance Form on file with the camp to participate. It may be emailed to, brought to camp and presented to the trainers at registration, or mailed in ahead of time for us to keep on file.

If you need a Medical/Insurance Form, print out this form


1) In general, campers are segregated by floor so that they are staying with other campers of their own age. In a case where two campers request each other as roommates and are different ages, the older camper will reside in the younger camper section.

2) Campers are assigned roommates based on their request on the application.

**If more than one roommate is listed, the first is used. If campers 1 and 2 both request camper 3 as a roommate, the camper who 3 requested will be assigned. All rooms are doubles. We cannot guarantee requests for blocks of rooms near each other.

Please Bring To Camp Plenty Of Soccer Gear To Be Worn During Training And Games.
In Addition We Recommend:
shin guards
a plastic water container
a small sport bag for training gear
a ball (if you are not ordering one)

For those campers not wishing to spend the night at our residential camps, we offer the chance to commute for the training sessions. The commuter fee is always $50 less than the total amount listed for each camp Junior Elite (JRE), College Bound Players Academy (CBPA) , Goalkeepers and Team. For example, 2016 Junior Elite Camp costs $595. The commuters price would be $545. Commuters should be dropped off at the demonstration area at 8:15 am and can be picked up at the main dorm complex after the camper meeting at 9:30 pm. Campers will eat lunch and dinner with the rest of the camp.

Trainers will be available 24 hours a day for the campers. They will have a station at check in to go over each camper’s medical information/records. Trainers will reside in the dorms and will be on call at all times, either at the fields or in the dorms. Each field area will have trainers assigned to it. Trainers will have preset times before sessions when they will be available for treatment/taping. These times will be posted for the campers and they should make sure they see the trainers at those times. Otherwise they will have to wait until they see a trainer at the field. Trainers are only trainers, they are not orthopedic surgeons, neurosurgeons, or cardiothoracic specialists. They may treat minor injuries and illnesses, but will refer the camper to a doctor/emergency room should they feel it necessary. In Chapel Hill, The Family Doctor, or the emergency room at UNC Hospitals will be used for emergencies.

The camp will be providing an optional CAMP BANK. This will allow you to deposit money for use by the camper during the camp week. At registration or anytime thereafter a deposit can be made to the bank. Any amount of money may be deposited. We recommend $50.00 for the week. Your daughter may use the money for pizza or for snacks at night. She may even withdraw cash if she goes into town with her team to shop. There is no charge for this service. We are providing it as a way to help keep your daughter’s money safe. You or your daughter may close out this account at any time. If you are interested in this service, please see the BANK STATION at registration.

The camp provides a shuttle to and from the local airports for those campers flying in to camp. Here is some important information about the shuttles.

Camp Arrving Airport Distance Cost (round trip)
TEAM Piedmont Triad Int’l 20 minutes $800 per team
TEAM Raleigh-Durham Int’l 1 hr  40 minutes $1600 per team
RES/GK Raleigh-Durham Int’l 20 minutes $70 per player

*If the airline had you sign your child as an UNACCOMPANIED MINOR – we cannot sign for and accept them upon arrival, nor return them to the gate personally and wait until their flight leaves. We apologize for any inconvenience.*

-Shuttles run continuously on the days of check in and check out
-Campers will be met at their baggage claim area
-Greeters from the camp will meet them and put them on a shuttle to the camp
-Greeters will wear camp shirts and shorts to identify themselves
-Greeters will have a list of all campers flying in
-When they return to the airport, campers will be dropped off at the curb in front of their ticket counter

** The camp can be notified of a camper’s flight by using the SHUTTLE REQUEST FORM by printing out this form and mailing or emailing it to us. **

Map for Chapel Hill, NC

Map for Greensboro, NC
Check in Day
12:00 – registration
2:30 – camp meeting
3:30 – player evaluation
5:15 – dinner
6:15 – outdoor matches
8:45 – return to dorms
11:00 – lights out

Typical Camp Day
7:00 Breakfast
8:30 All Activities Session
9:30 Morning Session
12:00 Lunch
1:30 Afternoon Session
5:00 Dinner
6:15 Evening Session
9:00 All Camper Meeting
10:30 Lights Out (Junior Elite)
11:00 (College Bound Academy)

Check Out Day
7:00 – breakfast
8:00 – matches
10:30 – closing ceremonies
11:00 – check out

All dormitories are located on the UNC campus and a reasonable distance from the main street of downtown Chapel Hill.

Full Service Cafeterias. The Cafeterias Offers A Large Selection Of Foods Such As:
– cereals
– bagels
– pastas
– salad bar
– sandwiches
– meat and vegetable entrees
– desserts
– ice cream
– fresh fruits
– soups

North Carolina Girls’ Soccer Camp has designed a ball for our campers and this ball looks great! Supplies are limited. Please apply online to reserve this ball available only to NCGSC participants for the price of $40